I'm a yoga and meditation teacher with a 200hr contemplative teacher training certificate from AllYoga New York and 10 years of practice. I like holding space for a wide range of classes, with an emphasis on Kundalini yoga, Hatha flows, and deep hypnogogic dream meditations. My classes commonly explore the way tech influences our bodies and lives, and how we can use yogic tools to regain health autonomy and support our best selves.


Sometimes, I make digital zines about yoga. If you use the P2P browser Beaker, you can access them as dat sites (and then add them to your zine library).

5 Minute Computer Calm
Kundalini Winter Workshop


The Flow of Good Fortune: a Kundalini Yoga Workshop
Sunday April 28th 2-3:30 PM
Healium, 276 Lambton Quay, level 2
Kundalini Yoga sets for tapping into your natural manifestation abilities and tuning into that good cosmic prosperity wave. Email me to sign up!

I am also available for private lessons around Wellington, NZ. Just drop me a message to get in touch about times and locations.