water prayer

This is a simple prayer that participants in the MA Platform are invited to practice for 40 days, starting March 30th. The solidarity of a group prayer is powerful magic; please join us if you like.

To prepare, you will need a vessel (cup, carafe, pitcher, etc) of water. Optionally, a smudging herb of choice.

  1. First thing in the morning, find a nice quiet place to sit with your water, like at your altar or in a reading nook. If you like, smudge the space and the water.
  2. Pray over, into and to your water. There is no wrong thing to pray for or way to do this. You can thank the four directions, utter gratitudes, whisper hopes. Fill the water up with your sacred prayer and love.
  3. Drink the water. Or, drink some and save the remainder for sipping over the rest of the day. Pray over a huge pitcher and stay hydrated! Wash your face, your hands, water your plants.. this is your holy water, how awesome.
there is no wrong way to pray