kundalini yoga -- awakening the second chakra

Second Chakra Meditation

  1. Sit up straight with the chin tucked and shouders rolled back. Eyes will be closed.

  2. Raise the elbows slihgtly and bring the arms up with the hands slightly wider than the chest at a 45-degree angle to the earth. Fingers are together, thumbs pointed up. Arms should stay totally straight from the elbow to the fingertip.

  3. Pump the hands down, moving 4-6" towards each other (but not touching) in a single stroke. This should happen a bit raplidly, ~1 stroke per second. Pull the sex organ -- location of the second chakra -- with each downward stroke of the hands (clench up as if you had to pee, but make sure you are isolating the clench to just the sex organs, not the navel or anus).

It can be nice to listen to music while doing this meditation. This is the song used in the original meditation, but any music that makes you feel good with a nice beat is great.