Darpan Kriya

a mirror meditation to locate yourself beyond any point of reference
  1. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position, sitting up tall.
  2. The right hand raises up to the level of the face with the palm facing left, fingers pointing up, thumb relaxed.
  3. The left hand comes up, palm facing the body, fingers straight with the thumb pointed up. The tip of the middle finger touches the center of the right palm.
  4. Hold the hands so that you look over the index finger of the left hand, then slowly raise them until you are looking into the center of your left palm.
  5. Concentrate here, so deeply as if you could read your own hand. Stay focused and let your vision change.
  6. When the tiner goes off: inhale deep, hold the breath for a moment, and imagine the breath purifying you. Exhale and feel it purify the universe.
  7. It can be nice to listen to a mantra. I like this one.