Meditation for Healing Addictions

cartoon yogi, eyes closed, thumbs touching temples.


  1. Sit in an easy pose with the chin slightly tucked. Straighten the spine. Eyes focus at the brow point.
  2. Make fists with both hands, extending the thumbs. Place the thumbs on the temples in that little dip, right where they fit perfectly.
  3. With the mouth closed and the jaw in your natural resting position, squeeze the back molars together. Feel how a muscle moves under your thumbs, massaged by the pressure.
  4. Keeping the thumbs where they are, squeeze the molars with each syllable as you silently meditate on the chant SA-TA-NA-MA. You don't have to grind your teeth together; just engage the jaw enough with each squeeze to feel the muscle move under your thumb.
  5. Continue for 3-31 minutes. 5 minutes is nice. A good recording to practice along to is this Cross Heart Kirtan Kriya [youtube]
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