Kirtan Kriya

The point of this Kriya is that you do one big equal dip in and out of a pattern, so you start off chanting out loud, then at a whisper, and then in silence all for the same amount of time, and then in reverse. Honestly, it's a real good way to spend 12 minutes.

The Mantra

outstretched hand, with index finger touching thumb. outstretched hand, with middle finger touching thumb. outstretched hand, with ring finger touching thumb. outstretched hand, with pinky finger touching thumb.
  • Sit in easy pose with good posture, and the chin slightly tucked. The wrists are on the knees, palms up, arms and elbows straight. Hands are in Gyan Mudra to start (thumb to pointer finger). Eyes are closed, focus is on the brow point.
  • With a strong voice, chant the _SA - TA - NA - MA_, alternating which fingers touch the thumb on each syllable:
    • On SA, touch the first finger.
    • On TA, touch the middle finger.
    • On NA, touch the ring finger.
    • On MA, touch the pinky finger.
  • As you chant, imagine the energy of each sound moving down through your crown, out through the third eye. Project the sounds to infinity.

The Sequence

little yogi sitting with hands on their knees in gyan mudra

You can set your own timers for this one, but it's very nice to follow a recording so you can really sink into the meditation. I like this one: Kirtan Krya by Dev Suroop Kaur [youtube].

  1. Chant out loud, 1:40.
  2. Chant in a strong whisper, 1:40.
  3. Chant silently, vibrating the syllables. 3:20.
  4. Chant in a strong whisper, 1:40.
  5. Chant out loud, 1:40.
  6. To finish, inhale deeply and hold the breath as long as comfortable, up to a minute. Exhale gently, sitting in stillness for one minute.
  7. Stretch the hands up as far as possible, spreading the fingers wide. Take several deep breaths. Relax.
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