Morning Movements

These are simple asanas that help kickstart my morning even on the days where I don't wanna do shit, like, as soon as I wake up. You can do each for up to five minutes, but one minute is enough to help reset your brain.

Ego Eradicator

little yogi sitting with arms in the air at 90 degrees, thumbs up. good job!
  1. Sit in easy pose, spine straight, chin slightly tucked. Hands form gentle thumbs up, with the fingertips of the curled fingers on the pads of the palm. Arms are straight, lifted to 60 degrees. Eyes closed. Focus on the tip of the nose.
  2. Do Breath of Fire (tutorial video[youtube]), or breathe deeply with equal inhales and exhales.

Stretch Pose

stretching!!!!!!!! laying out long!!
  1. Lay on your back, arms by your sides, legs zipped together. Make everything as straight as possible.
  2. With an inhale, lift the feet and hands ~six inches off the floor, and lift the heand. Keep everything super engaged and super straight as you breathe deeply.


animated gif of a little yogi flexing the spine on the hands and the knees.
  1. Come onto your hands and knees, with wrists under shoulders and knees under the hips.
  2. With each inhale, drop the belly, tilt the tailbone towards the head, open the heart + collarbones and look up.
  3. With each exhale, draw the belly to the spine which pushes up concave to the ceiling, head comes down and pelvis tilts the other diretion.
  4. Continue, following your own breath.
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