All classes have the cameras turned off so you can tune in. ✨ Instead, I'll guide you through hand-drawn Kundalini sets and scans from esoteric yoga guides!

click HERE for video portal -- opens a few minutes before class starts on 💻

Gyan Chakra Kriya meditation to invoke an abundance of wealth -- enough to share -- every day through July 10th, 7-7:15am NZT/12-12:15pm PST

Kundalini yoga on Tuesdays 6-7:15pm NZT/Mondays 11pm-12:15am PST
Fridays 12-12:55pm NZT/Thursdays 5-5:55pm PST

Cyborg Physical Therapy (yoga and movement for the "digital age") on Thursdays 12-1pm NZT/Wednesdays 5-6pm PST

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Classes are koha/donation-based. You can send $ via NZ bank transfer (A BLEVINS 38-9019-0773610-01) or Venmo (@Angelica-Blevins). Alternatively, if now is not a good time to pay, please take a piece of fruit and put it in front of your computer before you start class. Afterwards, eat it. :)